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10 Not Well Known Running Benefits

10 Not Well Known Running Benefits

Running is excellent for your health but there are more running benefits that you will gain when doing this fantastic exercise.

The problem is that many people are not aware of these other running benefits. Maybe after you read this article it will persuade you to start running. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain from it!

Here are ten not well known running benefits that will, or at least, should make you think about to start running. It’s free and it’s fun.

10 Running Benefits You May Not Be Aware Of

Running Can Enhance the Left Ventricle’s Size

Running Can Enhance the Left Ventricle’s Size

Studies show that running can increase the left ventricle’s size to an extent. It is responsible for storing oxygenated blood and pumps this blood throughout the body. As it gets larger and stronger, you’ll be able to transport more blood throughout the body.

Thanks to this enhanced left ventricle, you will be capable of delivering more nutrients and oxygen to the body. It continues to do so, even when you work and sleep. This way, it improves your health permanently.

Lowers the Risk Of Premature Death

According to a study published In August 2014, if you were to run between five and ten minutes per day you would lower the risk of dying prematurely from all causes of death. 

This can be in the form of a leisure run. It does not have to be at a fast pace. Anyone can do this if they really want to. In a later study, it is claimed that any amount of running can lower your risk of dying earlier.

Running Can Help Preserve Your Vision

In a study published on February 14, 2009. it showed that people that do cardiovascular exercise such as running can reduce the risk of vision problems.

About 41,000 runners were analyzed for a seven-year period and the results were that running can, in fact, help prevent vision problems and/or vision loss.

Handle Stressful Situations Better

Running enables you to better handle stressful events in your life according to a BYU study. If you can reduce the stress you can sleep better. The quality of your sleep is primarily measured by your heartbeat rate. Running brings down your Resting Heart Rate (RHR) levels, and so, it will improve your sleep and make you feel refreshed upon waking up.

Can Build Stronger Bones

Presently, osteoporosis affects nearly 200 million people worldwide. One of the great benefits of running is that It can strengthen your bones even better than resistance training according to research conducted by the University Of Missouri. In this same study, it was also discovered that running had better “bone mineral density” in their subjects’ spines than cyclists did.

This is great news for runners, especially for people in their later years. Runners are less likely to suffer from accidental fractures due to their higher bone mineral density.

Mood Enhancer

Mood Enhancer As Another Of The Running Benefits

Running can impact your mood positively. That’s what takes place when you reduce your body’s stress hormones and begin working towards your dream body.

However, it also lets you experience “runner’s high.” This is a term that refers to the rush of endorphins in your body that come after a successful exercise routine. They have analgesic and antidepressant properties and can improve your mood tremendously.

In another study, it was determined that having a runner’s high makes you feel happy. And this was not caused by endorphins but by a neurotransmitter called “dopamine.”

Dopamine triggers the pleasure centers of your brain, which in turn will boost your mood, motivation, and other feel-good benefits.

Other studies showed that the neurotransmitter “anandamide” is what ultimately produces a runner’s high. Anandamide is what promotes the release of dopamine. See video below:

Explore Nature

Running lets you explore your surroundings. Most people prefer to run on pleasant and beautiful paths that allow them to experience nature at its finest.

It could be a park or a forest – regardless of what you choose, a number of studies have proved that nature is one of the best remedies for improving your creativity and reducing stress.

If you spend your time working in a polluted, dirty, and noisy environment, running in nature can help you escape your hellish life and give you an outlet to free your emotions.

Can Aid Self-Improvement

Running benefit as self improvement

There’s nothing like beating your own personal best and pushing yourself to set new records. Running can help you improve yourself in virtually every aspect and test and challenge yourself to reach the top.

You will always push yourself to get better at the sport, which can help you develop mental resilience and resolve. A runner is not scared by insurmountable challenges but instead approaches them with glee on his face.

Running teaches you that all you need to be successful is hang on for long enough – you will find a breakthrough eventually if you keep increasing your efforts.

The same goes for every type of challenge and activity that comes your way. Running teaches you so many aspects of self-improvement, such as being more confident, patient, goal-oriented, and more.

Running May Slow The Growth Of Cancer

Add another plus to running benefits. A study was conducted where mice who were put on a running wheel were more able to shrink cancerous tumors by half in comparison to mice that remained sedentary.

The researchers in the study discovered that a flood of adrenaline produced during the exercise helped send cancer-killing cells (AKA – Natural Killer (NK) Immune Cells) to vital areas of the body, such as the lungs and liver, and even attacking skin tumors that were deliberately placed into the mice by the researchers.

Possible Nootropic?

Nootropic  possible Running Benefits

A nootropic is something that can help you improve your intelligence, memory, creativity, and any other type of cognitive function. It appears that running may fall under this category because it enhances the gray matter in your brain.

By running, you will stimulate the development of gray matter, as per a leading research study. According to the study, you should run at least 150 hours per week. That is only two and a half hours of running in a seven day period. This will boost your brain’s functioning and abilities tremendously.

You will become capable of learning new things at a faster pace in an effortless manner. You will also be more awake and focused throughout the day. You’ll be able to adapt to new changes and face your challenges without bowing down.

What can it do for you? If you’re a student, you can achieve better grades. If you’re a professional, it can help you make the most of your opportunities and promotions. If you’re an entrepreneur or businessman, it can help you earn a ton of profit as well.


Running has an incredible amount of health benefits, both physical and mental. It is amazing how just a little running can help you live longer and healthier. 

Take advantage of the running benefits explained above. Not only will you save a lot of money from medical care but you will also avoid a lot of stress for yourself and loved ones that will be in your life when you get older.