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8 Anti-Aging Secrets Experts Don’t Talk About

8 Anti-Aging Secrets Experts Don’t Talk About

Throughout world history, people have tried to find ways to help them live longer, stay younger-looking, and be healthier.

The real truth is that you have the power to slow down the aging process. Technology and substances do exist. You need to research to find them.

This article will help by providing you with eight anti-aging secrets that not even experts are speaking of. There is scientific evidence that they can, directly and indirectly, be beneficial to you in your anti-aging quest.

8 Anti-Aging Secrets Experts Don’t Talk About

1. Senolytics

Let’s begin our anti-aging secrets with senolytics. A study done by the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and Scripps Research Institute in Jupiter, Florida, has identified a new class of drugs that can find and destroy cells that cause aging.

These new drugs have been coined as “Senolytics.” They appear to have the ability to destroy senescent cells and improve stem cell function to help extend lifespan.

Senescent cells are responsible for aging you once they stop dividing.

They act similarly as cancer cells – they gather in tissues and discharge proteins that destroy the neighboring tissues and healthy cells.

Scientists have figured out how to influence a self-programmed death or a suicide of these senescent cells. The most significant concern was on how not to harm the surrounding healthy cells by the senolytics.

An experiment was conducted on mice where the scientists used two anti-cancer substances called Dasatinib and Quercetin together with senolytics to deactivate senescent cells.

The result of the study showed that the mice’s lifespan had been extended. And as an extra, the experiment also discovered that it had improved the mice’s cardiovascular function, enhanced their endurance, as well as reduced signs of osteoporosis.

The study was also conducted using human cells, which enhances the quality of the experiment.

2. Raise Your Body Temperature

Suanas are Anti-Aging Secrets

When your body is in a sauna or a steam room, under high temperatures, a gene activates which controls the synthesis of proteins of the heat shock – chaperones.

Studies have shown that sitting in a heated room can have the same result as if you exercised. 

It is well recognized that exercise is excellent for overall health and thus is an anti-aging benefit. 

This heated room technique has the ability to lower blood pressure while simultaneously increasing heart rate. It appears that this is an excellent combination of people suffering from cardiac conditions. 

In other words, these people that may have difficulties exercising can use heat rooms in place of exercise to reap the same health benefits.

3. MitoQ

The University of Colorado conducted a study where scientists gave old mice that were the equivalent of 70-80-year-old humans, water mixed with the antioxidant MitoQ for four weeks.

After four weeks, their arteries began working as healthy as what you find in people between 25-35 years old. The secret of MitoQ is that it reaches and strengthens the mitochondria.

Researchers concluded that MitoQ enhances the “endothelium,” the thin layer of cells that line our blood vessels. As you get older, these cells begin to lose their ability to help the blood vessels, which makes them unable to trigger dilation.

Past studies have shown that taking antioxidant supplements doesn’t help to increase vascular function in humans. MitoQ works differently than other antioxidants because its specific purpose is to target the mitochondria.

When we take ordinary antioxidants, they don’t usually reach the mitochondria. However, MitoQ does.

Another review and analysis published in 2018 showed that MitoQ may slow aging by improving mitochondrial function and reducing oxidative stress.

4. Liposomal Vitamin C

Liposomal Vitamin C one of the Anti-Aging Secrets

This kind of Vitamin C is more straightforward for the body to absorb. Liposomes are miniature carriers for transporting nutrients throughout the body.

The liposomal Vitamin C can cross through the digestive walls and deliver Vitamin C directly into your bloodstream.

Its absorption rate is remarkably high, unlike the conventional kinds of Vitamin C. It also can be used in place of intravenous Vitamin C.

Studies have shown that using liposomal vitamin C is a much better way to absorb the vitamin into your body than if just taking a vitamin C tablet.

Why is this important? There are plenty of studies that show vitamin C is essential for maintaining healthy skin.

It promotes collagen synthesis and is a powerful antioxidant that protects the skin against ultra-violet rays that are known to age the skin.

When you are low in Vitamin C, it also causes poor wound healing, wrinkles, loss of skin elasticity, and more.

Liposomal vitamin C will ensure that you get more vitamin C circulating into your body, thus enhancing the anti-aging benefits that it provides for your skin.

5. Danazol 

Here is another interesting substance of the anti-aging secrets. The synthetic male hormone danazol was found to reverse cell aging.

In one experiment, scientists used danazol, where they attempted to stimulate the generation of telomerase for people suffering from telomere diseases.

The study was conducted on 27 patients. The results showed that danazol could regenerate telomeres.

Telomerase has the ability to slow the aging process, as studies have shown.

Any method that can produce the lengthening of telomeres will help you live longer. Danazol may just be a piece of that puzzle since clinical trials have shown that it can help to lengthen telomeres.

6. Food Synergy

Food Synergy one of the  Anti-Aging Secrets

Blueberries And Green Tea

According to a scientific paper, blueberries when combined with carnosine, green tea, and Vitamin d3 may regenerate stem cells and promote healing.

Stem cells have been said to be a catalyst for living longer. Any way to stimulate their growth, especially naturally, is a plus for a longer lifespan.

There is increasing evidence that aging is a stem cell disease, and a study conducted in 2010 shows that a concoction of blueberries, carnosine, green tea, and vitamin d3 helped increase stem cells of the hippocampus part of the brain by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress associated with aging.

7. Hydroxytyrosol

Hydroxytyrosol is considered the most potent antioxidant in the world, and on the ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale, it has a number of 68,576. ORAC measures the strength and ability of substances that can kill free radicals that cause damage to your body.

Let’s take Macha Tea, for example. Matcha is considered the highest rated food on the ORAC scale with a number of 1,384.

Matcha has many essential health benefits for prolonging longevity due to its high ORAC number. However, as you can see, hydroxytyrosol is almost 50 times stronger than Matcha Tea.

Hydroxytyrosol has been proven to protect the heart, skin, and eyes. It prevents osteoporosis, protects the brain, is anticancer and antiinflammatory, and more.

This is an incredible anti-aging substance that can certainly help you live healthier and longer.

You can add hydroxytyrosol to your diet by using the right extra virgin olive oil.

8. Hempseeds

There is a village in China called Bama Yao, where the average lifespan there is considered to be one of the longest on earth. Researchers have connected this long lifespan to one of their diet’s main staples ” hempseeds.” This is one of the better anti-aging secrets of this list.

Hempseed should not be mistaken for marijuana. They are clearly different. Although both come from the plant Cannabis sativa L., hempseed is the non-drug type, while marijuana is considered a drug.

The nutritional aspects of hempseeds will shock people, not in the know. For example:

  • It contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids.
  • It is full of essential minerals, such as potassium, calcium, zinc, magnesium, and more.
  • It is abundant in an amino acid called arginine. Arginine is excellent for muscle metabolism, for losing fat, boosting immunity, building muscle, and more. Arginine also reduces cardiovascular disease.
  • Hempseeds are very high in fiber, which can help to cleanse your colon.


The longer you can stay healthy, the longer you can extend your lifespan. The anti-aging secrets provided in this article can help you do precisely that.

The anti-aging secrets I spoke of here are not misrepresentations but are backed up by scientific studies.

It is up to us to take the initiative and have the motivation to live healthier and longer.

Here is to long and healthy life!!!!!


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