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A Simple Anti-Inflammatory Diet

A Simple Anti-Inflammatory Diet

Sticking to an anti-inflammatory diet is beneficial for all adults. Nutritionists recommend eating foods that support anti-inflammatory prevention. Such nutrition is the basis of a healthy lifestyle and longevity. 

Mistakes in a diet generate acidification of the intercellular space. As a result, the cell functions are compromised, which leads to their death or malfunction. And cell dysfunction leads to chronic inflammation in tissues and accelerates aging. It’s a chain reaction that leads to premature death. 

A Simple Anti-Inflammatory Diet

What Food Sources Provoke Inflammation?

Dairy products are often the trigger that commences an inflammatory chain reaction.

Milk itself is a potent allergen, especially manufactured, containing genes from numerous animals. If you are allergic or suffer from any autoimmune disease, excluding them from the diet is recommended. 

Our immune system recognizes the protein from such milk as a harmful invader. It begins to fight the supposed harmful invaders causing mayhem on your body in the form of allergic reactions, pain, itchiness, sinus infection, etc., due to the overproduction of inflammation.

It often happens with what is known as “leaky gut syndrome.” Good bacteria are deficient in your gut (microbiota) with leaky gut, and healthy digestion processes are hampered. Many people suffer from this, and they don’t even know it.

The misuse and overeating of junk foods or drinks, sugar, candies, cookies, donuts, etc., also leads to acidification of the cells’ lining. The cells become “lifeless,” “hindered,” and age faster with excess consumption of sugary foods. 

Studies have also shown that when eating just 75 grams of sugar, immune defenses weaken for about 5 hours. Your white blood cells will not be as effective at fighting off viruses, making you more prone to colds and influenza.

Any sugary snacks between meals raise insulin and blood glucose levels. When a person constantly snacks, insulin chronically remains in the blood at an increased level – insulin resistance occurs and raises the risk of developing illnesses like diabetes.

Your Simple Anti-Inflammatory Diet

With age, metabolic processes slow down, more and more acid accumulates in the tissuesTherefore, you need to switch to a more alkaline diet

It is a diet filled with plenty of vegetables. Ideally, you should eat up to one kilo of vegetables daily (raw, boiled, or stewed). The vegetables should be combined when cooking—the more the assortment of vegetables used, the stronger the immune system and resistance to inflammatory processes. 

Consider adding oil containing beneficial omega-3 fatty acids to vegetables. 

It would help if you also considered eating quinoa grain, nuts, and seeds such as walnuts and almonds as a good source of protein.

Do this for a while, and you will see and feel your immune strengthening. Inflammation problems will subside, and you’ll feel so much better.