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Hello all health and fitness enthusiasts, my name is Tony Ruggia. I am the owner of this website, and I will be sharing everything I know about health, diet, staying fit, etc.

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It gets harder as we age but the objective is to never quit. Always stay active. My motto is, “Don’t do what makes you feel good, do what makes you feel right.”

Health & Fitness: A Lifestyle With No Finish Line

The thing about health and fitness is not to just look and feel your best but also to keep that agility, stamina, speed, focus, and brain plasticity that is allegedly lost as we age.

I will share all I know on athletics, nutrition, personal training, a positive mindset, maybe I can help you in some way to live healthier, look better and feel better both mentally and physically.

My mission is to help people live a long and healthy life. It can be done, you just need a little motivation and drive.

I have always been fascinated with enhancing health-span and life-span. Presently, in 2021, I am 57 years old. I do not profess to have the secret to health and longevity. However, I live what I preach.

On September 18, 2021, I entered the European Beast Spartan Race Championship in Verbier, Switzerland. (See photos below)

This was only my second Spartan Race. It was a grueling, exhausting 22-kilometer race with the highest rated terrain difficulty. I completed the race. Age is just a number. We only have one body. KEEP IT SAFE!

Tony Ruggia - European spartan Championship Verbier, Switzerland (2021)
Tony Ruggia - European spartan Championship Verbier, Switzerland (2021)
Tony Ruggia - European spartan Championship Verbier, Switzerland (2021)

This website will give you THE TRUTH of how to stay healthy and fit. Everything will be supported with scientific evidence.



I, Tony Ruggia, of Elite Healthy Living, look forward to sharing my insights on health and fitness, and healthy living. Thank you and have a great day.


Tony Ruggia

CEO, Elite Healthy Living