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Are Schisandra And Smartness Connected?

Are Schisandra And Smartness Connected?

Although Schisandra is ordinarily regarded as a substance that can make you feel relaxed, it has an opposite effect against itself when it is consumed. In other words, it relaxes you but makes you very alert and focused at the same time.

Schisandra falls in the “adaptogen” family and is also considered a “nootropic” among its other incredible benefits. In other words, Schisandra and smartness go hand in hand.

What Is An Adaptogen?

In short, an adaptogen is a plant/herb substance that improves health in diverse ways, is considered to be nontoxic, increases your ability to fight all kinds of stressors, and can restore you physiologically despite what harmful stressors may have changed in you.

How Was The Term “Adaptogen” Created?

In the 1940s, the then USSR government directed its scientists to design and produce something that could be used to boost their athletes’ performances, their military staff, and even their world-class chess players, so that they could win and outshine in every international platform. 

In 1947, Nikolai V. Lazarev, a Soviet scientist, coined the word “adaptogen.” He used the Latin word “adaptare,” which means “to adapt.”

He defined it as something that increases a not-specified defense of the body to a stressor so that the body is better able to get used to stressful conditions.

What Is A Nootropic?

Scisandra A Nootropic

The word “nootropics” originates from the Greek “nous” and “trepin,” which practically means “to bend the mind.”

This is interpreted as the mind being able to change, to be able to enhance cognitive skills, creativity, and overall thought processes. 

Nootropics (AKA- smart drugs) can be obtained from natural or manmade sources to improve your energy levels and attention span. They can also be used to improve mood and sleep, for heightening new thought patterns, to protect the brain and more.

Schisandra And Smartness

Now that we have a good idea of what an adaptogen and nootropic are let’s discuss how this herb may be used as a nootropic.

A Short Description Of Schisandra

Schisandra is a herb that has its origins in Northern China. In Chinese, it is called “wu-wei-zi,” which means the “berry of five flavors.” It is a colorful, round-shaped red berry. 

It is called the berry of five flavors because, in combination, it can simultaneously taste salty, bitter, spicy, sweet, and sour.

One amazing fact of Schisandra is that it is practically resistant to extremely cold temperatures. It can survive in the cold up -30 degree Celcius (-22 degrees Fahrenheit).

So, How Can It Make You Smarter?

Can Schisandra Make You Smarter

A study published by Harvard Medical School showed that regular exercise could improve memory.

In another study mentioned in the New York Times stated that exercise could boost “brain-derived neurotrophic factor” (BDNF), a protein created in your brain and blood that can improve the growth of extra neurons (brain cells).

Since BDNF strengthens memories and enhances learning, regular exercise can make you smarter.

How is this connected to Schisandra And Smartness? 

Studies show that Schisandra Berry can enhance performance, build stamina, improve strength, and decrease fatigue. It can also increase speed and develop stronger concentration.

It incites the nervous system by boosting the speed of nervous responses, leading to swifter and more powerful reflexes.

And because of all the factors mentioned above, Schisandra will make you exercise better and longer, thus helping you further boost BDNF, and ultimately improving your brain function and mental performance.

Boosts Mental Function

Studies show that Schisandra can enhance mental performance in people: especially concentration, movement, endurance, and more.

Schisandra also has beneficial effects on eyesight and hearing, increased field of view and improved adjustment to darkness.

A study that was published in February 2019 also confirms the many health benefits of Schisandra, which included the improvement of cognitive functions.

May Improve Memory

In a study published in 2008, mice were shot up with scopolamine, a substance reputed to throw off spatial memory. Later, they were administered schizandrin, a component of Schisandra.

The schizandrin reversed the impaired memory that the scopolamine had created. The study concluded that Schisandrin might be able to be used to treat people with memory problems.

How is this relevant to Schisandra and smartness?

Are Schisandra And Smartrness connected?

There is a big debate that suggests that having a better memory does not make you smarter. Also, study after study has concluded that a better memory will not make you smarter.

However, let’s use common sense; how can having a better memory not make you smarter? Furthermore, some studies contradict the idea that having a better memory does not make you smarter.

On another note, it is feasible to say that a better memory does not make you more intelligent, as many studies have concluded, but that does not mean that it does not make you smarter.

Smart” and “Intelligence” are two completely different things. Smart could mean being good at a certain task or are quick to learn something. A better memory will certainly help in this department.

Some studies have concluded that about 50% of your intelligence comes from your genes, while other studies have stated that there may be many genes involved that determines how intelligent you are. In this respect, “being smart,” and “being intelligent” are evidently different.

Having a better memory will help you in learning a new subject, task, or job which can and will result in you living a more comfortable life.

If Schisandra can enhance cognitive and mental functions, as studies have proven, and may have a beneficial effect on memory, one can only conclude that IT CAN MAKE YOU SMARTER.


Schisandra is a wonder herb with nootropic abilities. It is clear from the scientific studies mentioned throughout this article that Schisandra and smartness are connected. It is extremely beneficial for you, and it can improve your mental function, your concentration, your energy level, and much more.

This is an absolute recipe for making you smarter and able to learn new tasks by being more focused but yet more relaxed at the same time.

As with everything you intend to use, please always consult your medical provider before attempting to take Schisandra.