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Can Black Seed Oil Really Fight COVID-19? (Scientific Evidence)

Can Black Seed Oil Really Fight COVID-19? (Scientific Evidence)

The entire world is fully aware of COVID-19. It has killed over 500,000 people so far and infected over 11 million worldwide.

Many people have become anti-social, worried, and scared. Some are so traumatized by this ordeal that they have become paranoid of everyone.

The race is on to create a vaccine or antiviral to fight COVID-19. So far, all you hear on the news from the companies or scientists working on remedies is, “This looks promising, and that looks like it may have a chance, etc.

In the meantime, people are still getting infected and dying throughout the world. There have been many fake claims made on the internet that particular natural remedies can cure, treat, prevent, or fight COVID-19. 

None of those claims were backed up by scientific evidence.

Because of these wild claims, warning letters were sent to certain parties to remove such inaccurate claims from the internet immediately. 

One warning letter was even sent by the Federal Trade Commission to a particular company to remove claims made that black seed oil can fight COVI-19.


I already wrote two prior articles (12) explaining how black seed oil can effectively fight COVID-19.

This particular article will provide further scientific evidence as to how black seed oil can fight COVID.

How Does The Immune System Respond To A COVID-19 Infection With Cell-Mediated Immune Protection (T Cell Protection)

Can Black Seed Oil Really Fight COVID-19? (Scientific Evidence)

A very recent scientific study, published in July 2020, stated that:

  • …the expression level of CD8 in COVID-19 patients was significantly higher than the normal individuals. This result suggested that the cellular immune responses triggered by COVID-19 infection were developed through overexpression of CD8 and hyperactivation of cytotoxic T lymphocytes.

The study compared samples of blood from 25 COVID-19 patients with 25 healthy individuals.

The results showed that the only notable difference between the groups was the level of CD8. It was much higher in COVID-19 patients.

What is CD8?

CD8 are the primary T cells that help remove viruses and other invaders from your body. They usually are also labeled as CD8+ T cells. Your Thymus Gland creates them.

CD8+T cells are also called “killer cells.” They are considered cytotoxic (toxic to cells), and for this reason, they can kill virus-infected cells directly. 

There are different types of T cells, but the ones we will concentrate on here are CD8+ T cells.

According to the study, an overexpression (abnormal or increased quantity) of CD8 T cells appear to be the primary immune response in COVID-19 patients.

Why Are CD8 T cells important?

  1. First, after fighting a virus, “CD8 T cells… form a long-lasting memory population that provides protection against subsequent infection.” In other words, your immune system will recognize a virus if it reenters your body, and it will not make you sick.
  2. Second, these “memory CD8 T cells rapidly expand in the lung following a secondary respiratory virus infection in humans.” These T cells instantly protect you if the virus reenters your body.
  3. Third, “CD8 T cells have been shown to be sufficient to mediate viral clearance in the lung following acute respiratory infections.” CD8 T cells are good at their job at getting rid of viruses.

CD8+ T cells are pro-inflammatory. When they attack a particular invader such as a virus, they create inflammation. When you feel pain, have a fever, or have any other physical reaction due to an illness, the CD8+T cells are responsible.

The problem is that when these CD8+ T cells overreact or continue to produce inflammation in COVID-19 patients, they create a “cytokine storm.”

The cytokine storm has been putting a lot of COVID-19 patients in critical condition and also killing many.

If a substance can control and modulate CD8+ T cells from overreacting, it is possible to stop the cytokine storms.

Can Black Seed Oil Really Fight COVID-19? (Scientific Evidence)

Can Black Seed Oil Control And Modulate CD8+ T Cells?

One study showed that the main component found in black seed oil (AKA- Nigella Sativa) could enhance and condition CD8+ T cells for adoptive T-cell therapy against cancer and infectious disease.

In other words, it can modulate CD8+ T cells with broad-spectrum abilities against all types of infections. The component is called thymoquinone.

separate study published in 2019 stated that Nigella Sativa and its constituents could be used effectively as a “preventive and/or relieving therapy” against lung diseases and other respiratory diseases.

This study also showed further clinical evidence that 30 days of treatment with N. sativa improved clinical symptoms and increased…intracellular killing activities of… CD8 counts.

In still another review of N. sativa it stated the following:

  • One of the precious properties of N. sativa is the immunomodulatory effects of its constituents. Studies begun just over a decade ago suggest that if it is used on an ongoing basis, N. sativa can enhance immune responses in human. The majority of subjects who treated with N. sativa oil for 4 weeks showed a 55% increase in CD4 to CD8 T cells ratio, and a 30% increase in natural killer (NK) cell function.”

Black seed oil is a potent immunomodulator, not only for CD8+ T cells but for other aspects of the immune system, especially if taken for four weeks or longer. 

Black Seed Oil Can Fight COVID-19

Black seed oil should be part of your daily diet. This will ensure protection against COVID-19 or any other virus. Take it like you take your vitamins, DAILY.

It triggers the crucial elements of your immune system to fight off invaders that can harm your body. N. sativa is broad-spectrum and a potent regulator of your immune system.

Please note, black seed oil should not be taken for only a few days. It must be taken continually, preferably every day. It is the only way it will help boost and regulate your immune system.


People are highly susceptible to catching respiratory viruses, including coronaviruses such as COVID-19. 

While some viruses may only cause harmless symptoms such as in the common cold, others can cause severe harm or even death—i.e., COVID-19.

Antibody tests against COVID-19 are being conducted worldwide to determine if someone was indeed infected. 

However, people can have no COVID-19 antibodies but still have been infected. In this case, it was the T cells such as CD8+ and others that fought off COVID.

And a T cell immune protection appears to be long-lasting due to the memory it gives the immune system.

The scientific evidence provided here shows that black seed oil and its components can stop the cytokine storm by modulating CD8+ T cells and controlling the production of excessive inflammation.

The bottom line: Black seed oil can fight COVID-19.


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