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Bovine Colostrum: The No. 1 Natural Supplement To Prevent The Flu

Bovine Colostrum: The No. 1 Natural Supplement To Prevent The Flu

The flu is a severe medical and social dilemma for people throughout the world.

Every year between 5% to 15% of the people of the world get the flu, and up to 650 million die from it.

Also, if a new strain makes a sudden appearance, it may potentially cause a pandemic that may spread across the entire world.

Interestingly, although there are numerous anti-flu drugs available, the flu is still a terrible predicament, as many flu epidemics have poorly remained controlled.

Vaccines and recently available drugs may be quite useful against a circulating flu virus strain, but their use can influence the creation of new drug-resistant flu strains.

For this reason, it is crucial to find new and meaningful therapeutic methods that have broad-spectrum capabilities. That is being able to prevent the flu, regardless of whether a new and surprising strain surfaced unexpectedly.

There is a natural substance that has shown that it can prevent the flu even better than vaccines. It is called “Bovine Colostrum.”

What Is Bovine Colostrum?

Bovine Colostrum: The No. 1 Natural Supplement To Prevent The Flu 1

When a mother gives birth, her mammary glands produce life-supporting immune factors that she has gained throughout her lifetime. Her body concentrates these factors into a unique immune, and growth-promoting liquid called colostrum.

Note: Immune factors are immunoglobulins, antibodies, immune system enhancers such as vitamins, enzymes, minerals, etc.)

A mother creates pure colostrum only during the first 24-48 hours after giving birth. This pre-milk wonder is a natural blend of unique antibody immunoglobulins and broad-spectrum immune enhancers that shield the newborn baby against future toxins, bacteria, viruses, and allergens.

It is incredibly vital to newborns. Both in humans and animals, it gives essential immunity against diseases and promotes healthy growth.

It is the most crucial food source at the beginning of life and an essential supplement we can use as adults.

Colostrum has the power to destroy viruses. When we get older, our immune systems weaken and are unable to fight off disease as in our younger years. The aging process is a significant reason why older people are more susceptible to flu viruses.

Colostrum can enhance the immune system, prevent the flu even better than vaccines, and improve your quality of life.

Why Take Bovine Instead Of Human Colostrum?

Getting colostrum from humans is not practical. You would not be able to find enough human mothers that could make enough or even desire to give it away as a supplement.

It would help if you also considered the health of some mothers. This would only make matters more impossible. It is challenging to obtain large amounts of colostrum from humans for medicinal objectives.

For this reason, the next best thing would be to get colostrum from an animal source.

Various requirements need to be met for animal colostrum to be considered safe for human usage. The immune factors must be biologically interchangeable. In other words, the human body cannot reject them.

The colostrum must be obtained from a particular animal that can provide essential colostrum to the human body.

Cows (Bovine) appear to be the more convenient animal to use. The human body accepts the colostrum from cows. The vital nutrients in bovine colostrum are similar to that of human colostrum in their molecular structure.

bovine IgG has a number of similar effects: binding to human-relevant pathogens, effects on phagocytosis mediated through Fc receptors for human IgG and prevention of infection in human studies.”

Also, bovine colostrum is much higher in immune factors than human colostrum. Studies showed that it had levels of these factors much more elevated than human colostrum.

One particular comparison is with immunoglobulin G (IgG). (IgG is a protein antibody that helps fight invading bacteria, viruses, and fungi that cause harm to the body. It is the most abundant antibody found in your blood and makes up about 75% of all the antibodies in a human body).

  • Human Colostrum      IgG (mg/ml) 0.43 
  •  Bovine Colostrum       IgG (mg/ml) 47.6                          

This is about tenfold more IgG you will get from bovine colostrum. (See Table 2 in this link, “Immune Factors in Human and Bovine Colostrum”)

Another outstanding factor of IgG is that it particularly protects your respiratory tract, meaning that it can further help to prevent the flu.

Bovine Colostrum: The No. 1 Natural Supplement To Prevent The Flu 2

More importantly, studies suggest that bovine colostrum should be used to prevent all types of viral respiratory epidemics.

“...the widespread consumption of immune milk from cows inoculated against diseases such as avian influenza, SARS, and other human respiratory diseases, has been suggested as a potential means of slowing outbreaks of the disease before they reach epidemic levels.

In 1990 a study was done on 72 women, both primiparous (Pregnant for the first time) or multiparous ( Having more than one child). The colostrum of these women was examined and it was discovered that it contained inhibitors against influenza viruses.

If a human mother’s colostrum contains such inhibition against flu viruses and bovine colostrum has been shown to be more powerful than human colostrum, then one can only conclude that bovine colostrum is more potent at combating flu viruses.

Can Bovine Colostrum Really Prevent The Flu?

There are numerous studies that have shown that bovine colostrum is very capable of fighting influenza viruses and in preventing the flu.

2007 Clinical Study: Bovine Colostrum is Three Times Stronger Than A Flu Vaccine

In another interesting clinical study, it was proven with the use of people that bovine colostrum is at least three times more potent than a flu vaccine.

The study was done on both healthy people and those with cardiovascular disease. The final result showed that in both groups of people, colostrum was at least three times stronger than the vaccines themselves when it came down to prevent the flu and was much cheaper at that.

2010 Study

Bovine Colostrum: The No. 1 Natural Supplement To Prevent The Flu 3

In another study done on mice, bovine colostrum was put to the test. Its objective was to determine if particular antibodies can be created to help prevent the flu in place of using vaccines.

The researchers further expressed that viruses that are resistant to antiviral drugs are on the rise and possible alternative means should be studied to help control and /or prevent the flu.

They injected a lethal dose of influenza virus into the mice. They then gave the mice 500 g of IgG (IgG was explained earlier) from bovine colostrum.

The result was incredible. Within 24 hours the mice began recovering from a potent virulent flu virus.

Research Report On Bovine Colostrum – 2015

A research report on bovine colostrum dated January 2015, stated the following:

From influenza to HIV/AIDS to hemorrhagic fevers, the active components in bovine colostrum possess real promise in the fight against these and other viral infections.

Colostrum’s antiviral activity is due to its antibodies, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase, lysozyme, and other immune factors which bind to pathogens and destroy their cell membranes or compete for binding sites on the intestinal wall.

Even more significant are the proline-rich polypeptides (PRPs), which play a major role by modulating the activity of the immune system. PRPs stimulate immune system activity when needed to fight off an infection or quell its activity to prevent tissue damage once the infection has been defeated”

NOTE: The research report backs up the above statements with scientific evidence.

The report shows that the PRPs found in bovine colostrum modulate (regulate) the immune system to help it fight off numerous viruses, including “influenza.” The PRPs can prevent the flu.

Why Are PRPs Important?

The critical characteristic of colostrum is its ability to modulate instead of only stimulate, when compared to other immune substances derived from plants that only stimulate.

In other words, the PRPs modulate the immune response by both turning down an overactive immune system (with too much inflammation, arthritis, and other autoimmune diseases) and turning up an underactive one (when an infection is present).

PRPs can also stimulate Natural Killer cell (NK cell) activity up to ten times, much more than any other known substance in the world.

Anything that can stimulate NK Cells would certainly benefit from the invasion of an influenza virus and would help to prevent the flu.

Lactoferrin Protein Found In Bovine Colostrum Can Prevent The Flu

Lactoferrin is one of the main proteins found in colostrum, making up about 6% of its total protein content.

This protein has been hailed as a potent broad-spectrum inhibitor of possibly all influenza strains. It was tested in a scientific study against all the major influenza virus subtypes and the results were astounding. It inhibited (prevented) all the strains from multiplying.

The study also stated that lactoferrin…

…represents an efficacious strategy for a broad-spectrum protection against seasonal and pandemic influenza viruses.

These are very powerful words from the scientific community. They are praising it as a potential prophylactic (treatment used to prevent a disease from occurring) for any (broad-spectrum) surprising or unexpected flu epidemic or pandemic.

In another study dated January 2019, it was determined that bovine lactoferrin prevented Influenza A virus infection and that it prevented the flu through the entire process of infection. However, it was even more beneficial at preventing the flu during the beginning phases of the infection.

Is Bovine Colostrum More Effective Than A Flu Vaccine?

It is a fact that vaccines only work between 40% to 60 % of the time. And it has to match the virus that is circulating at the time.  Otherwise, it will not work at all.

On the other hand, bovine colostrum has been shown to provide broad-spectrum protection against all major flu viruses. And it has been praised by scientists as a potential prophylactic against future flu epidemics or pandemics.

There are websites that claim that there is no evidence that colostrum can prevent the flu and “it should not be considered a viable alternative to the annual flu vaccine.”

Vaccines do not work half of the time for the specific virus they are intended for, and I have shown clear scientific evidence that bovine colostrum has broad-spectrum capabilities against all influenza viruses known and unknown. It is confounding that websites would make such unfounded allegations.

The evidence is in this article. YOU BE THE JUDGE.

How To Take Bovine Colostrum

Bovine Colostrum: The No. 1 Natural Supplement To Prevent The Flu

To begin with, bovine colostrum is a natural food source. It is not a drug or medicine. It is considered safe and non-toxic.

The amount of colostrum you should take differs from person to person. The manufacturer’s label ordinarily recommends that you take 500 mg tablets once or twice per day as needed.

However, if you feel a cold or flu coming on you may want to take more to help you relieve the symptoms quicker.

You cannot overdose with colostrum. It is NOT A DRUG. It has also been suggested by the experts that researched and studied colostrum that adults should start with three grams daily.

According to a book called “‘Colostrum: Life’s First Food. The Ultimate Anti-Aging, Weight Loss and Immune Supplement,” page 51, written by Daniel G. Clark, MD, and  Kaye Wyatt of THE CENTER FOR NUTRITIONAL RESEARCH it states that:

You should take enough colostrum to obtain results. If you’re not seeing results with colostrum, you are not taking enough. I have found that adults should begin with a minimum of 3,000 mg. per day. It can then be lessened to a maintenance level as long as it continues to produce results. Colostrum has a sixteen-hour half-life. It should be taken twice a day on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. Colostrum’s benefits are cumulative. The longer and more consistent the use, the greater the benefits.”

You can purchase the book here if you are interested.

How To Take The Powder Form

According to Immune Tree, “How Do I Take Colostrum In Powder Form?“, bovine colostrum powder can be taken with foods. You can put it in your smoothies, shakes, or on top of foods.

To make it reach your bloodstream faster, Immune Tree has suggested that you place it under your tongue or around your gums, This will ensure quicker absorption.

What is the Best Kind Of Colostrum To Take?

Look for colostrum that is 100% pure with no milk additives or flavoring. Check to see if it was pasteurized and that it comes from a reliable and respected source.

If you are concerned about the cows it was obtained from and how they were raised, contact the manufacturer and ask all the questions you need to be resolved before purchasing it.

Also, check the following factors:

  • It should be whole and complete with all the fat retained, About 50% of its nutrients are found in the fat. Most manufacturers remove fat so it can have a longer shelf life.
  • Purchase colostrum that was made from many cows and not just one. The reason for this is that it will contain many different immune factors and will also be more potent. Make certain that these cows were not given antibiotics or other chemicals.
  • Ensure that the colostrum was taken between six to twelve hours after birth. This will guarantee its potency and effectiveness. The longer the wait the weaker the colostrum gets.

Is Bovine Colostrum Safe

Bovine colostrum for medical use is not something new. India has used it in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years and continues to use it today.

Finding in hieroglyphic texts has shown that colostrum was also used by the Ancient Egyptians

On one stone found in the Temple of Hathor at Serabit el-Khadim, (the cow goddess), the goddess is pictured suckling the Pharaoh, offering her colostrum as the elixir of metamorphosis to bestow immortality upon the king.

A 2015 study concluded that there is emerging evidence that bovine colostrum may be one of the encouraging nutraceuticals that can prevent or alleviate numerous diseases.

The same study also stated that bovine colostrum is considered safe and well-tolerated even by those that are lactose intolerant.

There is one other thing to look out for. It is the healing factor. Also known as the Herxheimer reaction. This is when the body begins to release toxins, causing temporary digestive problems, skin eruptions, rashes, or flu-like symptoms. This is a clear sign that the colostrum is working and the healing process has begun.

Bovine Colostrum For The Lactose Intolerant

Bovine colostrum contains very little lactose. Plus it is NOT MILK. People that are lactose intolerant can take it in large quantities. see, “I Am Lactose Intolerant; I Can’t Use Dairy Foods. Can This Work For Me?” See also, “WHAT IF I AM LACTOSE INTOLERANT?“, or “I’m lactose intolerant, can I still take colostrum?

The objective is to take the right kind of bovine colostrum. You should have no problem if you take 100% pure colostrum.

Other studies have shown that individuals who are lactose intolerant can safely take up to twelve grams per day without any problems.

Also. if you feel that you may be intolerant to it, you can counteract this by taking a lactose digestive aid when starting out. Always speak to your doctor first and get his professional opinion about this.


Bovine colostrum has been shown that it can prevent the flu. Its components strengthen and regulate your immune system and are flu virus killers.

Bovine colostrum is a bit expensive. However, is $100 to $200 worth your health and life? Many people spend much more than that on cigarettes and entertainment. Flu viruses are dangerous and they can kill you if you are not careful.

This is a natural food supplement that belongs in everyone’s diet plan especially during the winter months when flu season is at its peak. Stay ahead and prevent the flu with bovine colostrum.

Note: Speak to your medical care provider before taking bovine colostrum. Remember, colostrum is a natural substance so you should not worry about it hurting you. Do your research and figure out which brand works best for you if you decide to use it.


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