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Top 2 Effective Treatments For Asthma You Never Heard Of 1

Top 2 Effective Treatments For Asthma You Never Heard Of

Asthma is an ailment that causes airway restriction in the lungs, making breathing difficult. Here you will learn about two treatments for asthma that are not medications and have been proven by science to be effective.

Asthma is believed to be caused by a combination of environmental and genetic factors. Anyone can get asthma at any age; but, it is ordinarily diagnosed during childhood.

When a person gets an asthma attack, he or she will have difficulty breathing and get tightness in the chest. He or she will also experience wheezing and have bouts of coughing.

However, the symptoms can be different from person to person. Some may get occasional asthma attacks and experience symptoms only at particular times, such as when working out, running, a quick change in weather. 

 Others may get attacks from reactions to airborne things, such as dust mites, pet dander, cigarette smoke, pollen, cockroach waste, mold spores, allergies, etc.

Then some may have chronic asthma where they are in constant distress from the annoying symptoms.

The symptoms can be scary. The bronchial tubes’ muscles get inflamed and start to squeeze, decreasing air supply to the lungs. It feels like someone is choking you.

Another severe symptom is a defense reaction by your immune system. Your airways begin to produce mucus, making it even more difficult for you to breathe.

The bottom line is that asthma is triggered by something. A cold, flu, or sinus infection can also trigger asthma attacks. And so can stress.

If you suffer from allergies, you may be more prone to getting asthma.

Top 2 Effective Treatments For Asthma You Never Heard Of

What Can Asthma Do To You?

If someone was to ignore the symptoms, asthma can cause respiratory arrest and may kill you. 

Many people have died from asthma due to ineffective or careless treatment methods. 

Asthma attacks must be attended to immediately and must be kept under control at all times.

It is an unpredictable disease. Most people diagnosed with asthma will have it for life. There is no cure for it, but it can be controlled.

Some people may not get an asthma attack for an extended period. However, it does not mean that it is gone for good. Always have medication for it within reach.

Always have an asthma pump handy, such as Albuterol. You never know when you may suddenly and unexpectedly get an asthma attack.

Also, to ultimately control asthma requires a healthy lifestyle. Your diet and stress level must always be under control. 

If you smoke, you need to stop. When you exercise work into your routine gradually, so you do not shock your respiratory system. 

Try to avoid breathing in cold air, particularly when you go from hot to cold spontaneously.

If you feel a severe attack coming on, immediately go to your nearest hospital or call for an ambulance.

Here are two treatments for asthma that are not frequently mentioned and are supported with scientific evidence:

Top 2 Effective Treatments For Asthma You Never Heard Of

Top 2 Treatments For Asthma

High-Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (Asthma Vest)

The High-Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) is the first of the effective treatments for asthma and many other respiratory issues. Interestingly, it is rarely mentioned anywhere.

Scientific evidence has proven that it does work as an asthma treatment. In this study, the researchers experimented with an adult, aged 36, who had chronic asthma and could not control it with conventional therapies.

They treated the patient with HFCWO two times per day, with 20-minute sessions. This therapy went on for several weeks.

The patient immediately began to feel better. He stopped coughing up mucus, and the congestion disappeared. And best of all, the patient no longer needed to use an inhaler.

After several months of no further symptoms, HFCWO was stopped. However, after five days, the symptoms returned.

The patient, once again, was treated with HFCWO. The symptoms disappeared.

The researchers did a follow-up examination two years later and discovered that the patient had the asthma under complete control due to regular usage of HFCWO.

How Does High-Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation Work?

The vest is made up of an inflatable vest cover attached by an air hose to a generator. 

The generator quickly inflates and deflates the inflatable vest cover, lightly squeezing and releasing the chest wall up to 25 times per second. 

The vest produces increased airflow by mimicking repeated cough-like forces in the lungs. This helps decrease the mucus’ thickness. 

These forces push the now-thinned mucus toward the larger airways, where it can be cleared by coughing or suctioning. 

If you are suffering from chronic, uncontrollable asthma, this incredible machine may be something you may want to purchase. Here is the website to contact.

Or maybe you should mention it to your doctor.

Humming For Asthma

This next technique in the treatments for asthma is highly ignored. However, it is an effective method of stopping and controlling it without the use of medication and may be used in a dire emergency.

It is humming, yes, “humming.” It has been proven by science to be an effective remedy, and it is one of the better treatments for asthma that you must try.

In an incredible study that was conducted by Caolann Brady, who has been an asthma sufferer since she was born, she used 175 test subjects to hum in a paper bag. 

Brady discovered that humming enhanced lung function in all age groups and breathing issues. She won the grand prize at SciFest 2016.

In another scientific study, subjects were asked to perform a modified yoga breathing technique that resembles humming., like in the sound produced by a female humming bee.

The study consisted of two groups. Group A would do the humming and Group B would meditate.

Howeverthe “ooooo…mmm” sound that is ordinarily used in yoga practice was modified to “OOOOOOOOO…MMM” (high pitch/forceful) in Group A.

The subjects were first to inhale deeply and then to exhale forcefully with the high pitched modified OOOOOOOOO…MMM until further exhalation was no longer possible.

Both groups did these exercises for 12 weeks, 20 minutes, twice per day.

The results were clear, Group A that did the modified OOOOOOO…MMM humming sound saw a notable improvement in lung function and was touted as a beneficial technique to be used in the treatments of asthma arsenals. 

Top 2 Effective Treatments For Asthma You Never Heard Of

Why Does Humming Work For Asthma?

When you hum, the sinuses significantly produce nitric oxide (NO), which helps dilate capillaries and increase blood flow.

When NO levels were measured during humming, researchers discovered that they were 15 times higher than normal respiration.

Researchers believe that if you hum daily, it can help with sinus and upper respiratory infections.

Okay, nitric oxide can help with sinus and upper respiratory problems, but how can this be one of the possible treatments for asthma?

A report published in Sciencedirect.com states that humming has provided excellent results in the treatment of asthma.

The NO produced in the sinuses can spread to the bronchial tubes and lungs, influencing vasodilatory (contraction) and bronchodilatory (expansion).

In other words, it can help regulate their reaction to a trigger that may cause asthma.

Studies (at pg. 705-706) have shown that “nitric oxide is a potent relaxant of smooth muscles and indicates the potential for NO to regulate human airway tone…This protective effect of NO might be relevant to asthma…

NO also helps to regulate ciliary (the little hairs in your lungs that help remove dust, bacteria, viruses, etc.) movement, which can control how much mucus is made.

Another study suggested “endogenous (made inside your body) NO has a stimulatory action in airway submucosal gland secretion and directly regulates the secretion from submucosal glands independently of superficial epithelial cells.

In other words, nitric oxide can stimulate just the right amount of mucus secretion to help remove dust or other pathogens that may trigger an asthma attack.

The above is why creating more nitric oxide when you hum will significantly help control all your asthma problems.


The two treatments for asthma mentioned here should not be substituted for your medications.

However, with use, they may help lessen the use of medications or even ultimately help you stop the use of medicines.

Asthma medications have side effects. Finding ways to reduce their use and still be able to control your asthma would be essential to your health.

Always speak to your medical provider before undertaking the above-mentioned treatments for asthma.