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"FAKE NEWS" How The Media Uses It To Control And Manipulate You!

“FAKE NEWS” How The Media Uses It To Control And Manipulate You!

Maybe you’re not aware of it, but every day you’re being controlled and manipulated without your knowledge and consent with fake news.

What’s more damaging is that you’re manipulated to act a certain way, to believe in unfounded opinions, and make decisions based on things that do not exist, that are against common sense, and against your feelings and beliefs.

As a society, our lives are focused on media—such as social media, television news, the internet, newspapers, and advertisements—that we unconsciously allow to penetrate our subconscious minds.

The videos we watch on YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram, for example, shape the way we perceive and think—much more than we are willing to accept and admit.

The media impacts the way we process information, what we believe, the way we make particular decisions, and our concept of what is real and unreal.


What Is Fake News?

"FAKE NEWS" How The Media Uses It To Control And Manipulate You! 1

Generally, there are two kinds of “fake news” that are used by the media. They are:


  • Disinformation pertains to intentional (frequently organized) attempts to mislead or manipulate people by presenting information.


  • Misinformation relates to misleading information that is created and broadcasted without manipulative or ill-disposed intent.

Both of these are problematic to the public, but disinformation is especially more dangerous because it is usually well thought out, and the ultimate intent is to disparage, control, exploit, or hurt.

Manipulation of information (fake news) to fulfill a political party’s agenda against another has a long history. There is evidence that it was used by an ancient Roman politician named Octavian.

Octavian successfully used fake news to ruin the reputation of his political challenger, Mark Antony. He destroyed Antony’s reputation and had all of Rome turn against him. And it worked.

Octovian became the first Roman Emperor due in part to the smear campaign he has organized against Antony.

Jumping to the present, the technology and social media of today make it so much easier for the media to spread fake news.

YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, as well as websites are a perfect outlet for the dissemination of fake news by the elite, the politicians, the news media (CBS Reportedly Caught Creating Fake News at Michigan Coronavirus Testing Site), and influential companies and organizations.

Today’s technology can make any fake news look like it is real. Videos can be made and edited to make them show something that never happened. And with the millions of gullible people on social media, the fake news is spread like wildfire instantly throughout the world.

The media and the powerful know this and use today’s technology to benefit their agenda, be it political or personal.

Another method that the media uses to control and persuade your actions both physically, emotionally, and mentally is through the subliminal messaging of fake news.

How The Media Uses Subliminal Messages To Control you?

How The Media Uses Subliminal Messages To Control you?

A Brief History Of Subliminal Messages

Subliminal messaging is a method used where you unknowingly receive and react to visual and sound information. The secret message could be in the form of pictures and words (either spoken or written). They are displayed so quickly that you are not at all consciously aware of them having entered your mind. 

These covert messages are entered directly into your subconscious mind. They sneak by the necessary analysis where your conscious mind can choose to accept or reject the message per your choice. 

When the message is repeated over and over, it turns some sort of mental programming, regardless of whether you like it or not. 

Subliminal messages have been and continue to be carefully planted in TV shows, movies, news outlets, and advertisements that the unknowing public absorbs into their subconscious minds. Consequently, we unconsciously permit ourselves to be presented with messages that quite frequently have the ability “to change our thoughts, attitudes, emotions, and actions.”

Many people are skeptical of the power of subliminal messages but there is plenty of research that shows that they do work.

Is there evidence that the media has used subliminal messaging strategies?

The Movie “The Exorcist”

In the 1973 Thriller, “The Exorcist,” there are accounts that people vomited, ran out of the theater, and even fainted why watching the movie.

However, it was later discovered that the film-maker had inserted a secret, scary subliminal image throughout the movie that was embedded directly into the movie viewers’ subconscious minds. And this may have been the cause of their over-blown disturbing actions.

George W. Bush 2000 Presidential Campaign

During the 2000 Presidential Election Campaign, George W. Bush’s team created the above television ad to belittle his competition’s (Al Gore) health-care plan.

How did he try this? Bush’s campaign team attempted some subliminal messaging on the public by inserting the word “RAT” right before the words “BUREAUCRATS DECIDE.

The word RAT flashed quickly on the screen in an attempt to embed it into the public’s unconscious minds and to ultimately ruin Gore’s reputation. If you watch the video, you will see the word quickly flash by at :24.

Does the Media Really Report Fake News?

The answer is 100%, “YES.” Be it unintentional or planned, the media does, in fact, misinform the public on a grand scale at times. The following may not be known to many, but it did happen. And it fooled the world at the time.

In 1983 a news story appeared in a newspaper in India alleging that HIV was created by the USA as an experiment to kill people of color and gay people.

In 1985 this same story began to spread all over Africa, causing mass panic there. The story was further embellished by two East German biologists who claimed that they could prove the USA created the virus that causes AIDS.

During 1986 the story got even more reliable by appearing in newspapers throughout the world.

Finally, in 1987, a well-respected reporter named Dan Rather did an entire segment of the story on National TV in the USA where he stated that information was leaked that AIDS was created in a US Army Base for the purpose of biological warfare.

Millions in the US listened to this story. The only problem was that it was FAKE NEWS. It was created by incredibly intelligent KGB spies. The media plastered this fake story worldwide.

Can reporting fake news to the world happen again? And can the fake news cause mass panic, anger, and fear, mental and physical health problems, economic disaster, and distrust? The answer is again, 100% YES.

The following segment is not a conspiracy theory, but unequivocal evidence that the daily death numbers from COVID-19 being reported is misinformation. Thus, making the curve shown in graphs in all news media, a distortion of the facts and, BASICALLY, FAKE NEWS.

How The Daily Reported COVID-19 Deaths Are Fake News And Misleading The Public

The following is a computer model graph of the daily death rate in the USA. The graph began recording deaths on March 15, 2020. This particular graph is up to May 19, 2020, and is the one I will use for explanation purposes.

"FAKE NEWS" How The Media Uses It To Control And Manipulate You!

This graph is found at ( Each vertical line allegedly represents daily deaths for a particular day.

These daily death numbers have been the major reason for the drastic measures that were incorporated throughout the world: i.e., lockdowns, social distancing, and mask-wearing, etc.

In addition, they have been greatly emphasized by the political heads, the scientists and doctors, and the news media.

These numbers have been used to embed fear in the public’s minds. The media particularly feasts on these numbers when they report them every single day.

The problem with these daily deaths is that they are FAKE NEWS. This is pure disinformation being fed to us. Everyone is being manipulated and tricked into believing that when, for example, 10,000 people are reported to have died of COVID-19 for a certain day, that that is the number of deaths for that given day.

The public definitely believes this, and possibly many of the political leaders do too. Let me break down why each vertical bar that represents the number of people dying on a particular day is false and misleading.

In analyzing the USA Daily Deaths Graph above, you will notice that the daily deaths began on March 15, 2020 (See photo below. This is found here at the website:

"FAKE NEWS" How The Media Uses It To Control And Manipulate You!

Now, let’s jump to a later date where we see the curve rising in the daily death graph above. We will use April 7, 2020. Here are the death count stats for that day:

"FAKE NEWS" How The Media Uses It To Control And Manipulate You!

You will notice that it says “2,228 new deaths.” What does “new deaths” mean? How would anyone interpret this if they looked at this number?

Here is how reporters are interpreting this stat. Look at this video at 2:33, and you will notice the emotional emphasis the reporter puts on how the US is passing 2,000 deaths in ONE DAY.

The entire world is interpreting these stats in the same manner, but as stated earlier, “THIS IS 100% FAKE NEWS.”

As you can see, on April 7, 2020, the USA reported 2,228 deaths for that day. But is this true? Is this actually the case? The answer will surprise you, but it is an absolute “NO.

2,228 people did not die on that particular day. This total is an accumulation of deaths from numerous days from the past. It could be a total accumulated from five, six, seven days, etc.

In other words, 300 or so people per day could have died from 8 prior days in the past, and then some authority decided to report those deaths in the computer model on April 7, 2020.

2,228 DID NOT DIE ON APRIL 7, 2020, but whoever is in power wants the world to believe this. 

Below you will find the evidence of what I have stated above. This excerpt has been taken from,

The steps in this chain are different across countries, but for many countries the reporting chain includes most of the following steps:

  1. Doctor or laboratory diagnoses a COVID-19 case based on testing or combination of symptoms and epidemiological probability (such as a close family member testing positive).
  2. Doctor or laboratory submits a report to the health department of the city or local district.
  3. Health department receives the report and records each individual case in the reporting system, including patient information.
  4. The ministry or another governmental organization brings this data together and publishes the latest figures.
  5. International data bodies such as the WHO or the ECDC can then collate statistics from hundreds of such national accounts.

This reporting chain can take several days. This is why the figures reported on any given date do not necessarily reflect the number of new cases on that specific date.

The words are self-explanatory. The daily deaths reported do not represent the actual number of new cases or deaths on that day.

So, why is the media reporting these daily deaths as happening on that particular day? The public is mentally destroyed from these daily numbers, which are clearly not accurate.

Why is no one clarifying these daily death numbers to the public? THIS IS THE ABSOLUTE MEANING OF DISINFORMATION. It is being done on purpose.

The public actually believes that the numbers being shown are the number of people that died on that particular day.

Computer models only show what is entered into them. If false daily death numbers are programmed into the computer model, then the entire death number curve is misleading and incorrect.


In everyday living, people make their decisions on news that they get from different sources. As for news, it is easily accessible everywhere. It is ubiquitous due to smartphones and laptops.

Whether the topic is about a crisis, politics, sports, etc., society expects the media to report the right information so we can make informed decisions.

Misinformation and disinformation have been used in the media for a long time for political, business, or personal advantages. And studies have shown that fake news can cause heart and mental health problems in people. It can also increase mental stress and physical health problems.

When the media uses disinformation to embed fear in people that trust what they report is synonymous with a crime. They are causing harm to the gullible innocent.

Someone needs to be held accountable for publishing the false daily death numbers as explained above. The media needs to immediately retract what they have been telling the public for the last two months – they should, in the public interest, clarify that the daily deaths are an accumulation of several days in the past.

Keeping the truth from the public is the same as lying to them, and a DANGER TO PUBLIC HEALTH.