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HIIT For Weight Loss

HIIT For Weight Loss

Doing HIIT for weight loss can help people achieve their weight loss goals in a short period of time. Not all of us have hours to exercise at the gym daily. This is where HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) workouts stand out – They are both effective and short.

HIIT is a great routine for burning off one’s body fat. This workout’s aim is to burn fat and eliminate the fat cells responsible for storing fat reserves.

However, before we take a look at how high-intensity routines burn fat, let’s understand the basic mechanism of how fat is stored in the human body and its workings.

Fat Storage Mechanism In Our Body

After you finish consuming food, some part of it gets turned into glucose for meeting the body’s energy needs. The excess gets stored as glycogen in your liver. The body taps into this reserve when blood glucose levels fall below normal levels.

Triglycerides and fats are utilized by our body to generate energy. Fat deposits serve as a store of energy for future use. The body’s extra fat gets stored in adipocytes, which are cells present in the thighs, abdomen, and the flank region. Exercises are usually done for signaling your body to start burning these reserve fats and carbs.

However, before this process takes off, the body first needs to exhaust its triglycerides and glucose content. After these reserves get used up completely, your body will start using reserve fats and glycogen.

How Can You Use HIIT For Weight Loss?

How Can You Use HIIT For Weight Loss?

Metabolism is a bracket term for various body processes that require energy. They are of two kinds:


In these catabolic reactions, substances are broken down for the purposes of excretion or into small particles. These reactions can also include fat oxidation, where fats get broken down into their base components.


In these anabolic reactions, products get synthesized by the body with the help of various reactants. These products are extracted from our food intake, like carbs and proteins.

Apart from this, catabolic reactions also include the breakdown of large nutrients into monomers, which are used for building something new inside the body and carb-burning.

Both reactions require energy and take place simultaneously. The energy for these reactions is obtained from the burning of carbohydrates that are present inside the body itself.

When people perform high-intensity workouts, it causes their metabolism rates to speed up. As a result of this metabolic rate acceleration, various body reactions experience an increase in pace. Due to this, the body’s fat reserves start getting utilized to generate more energy.

Thanks to HIIT, your metabolic levels remain high even when you’re in a state of rest. When you do HIIT for weight loss routines they can enhance your resting metabolism rate better compared to aerobic exercises.

HIIT routines can also keep your metabolism at a high level for more than 24 hours, which is enough time to get started on the next HIIT session. Therefore, your body will keep burning fat throughout the entire day, even if you’re resting.

HIIT And Its Effects On Fat Oxidation In The Body

Stair Running For HIIT For Weight Loss

Fat oxidation refers to the process where fats get broken down to produce triglycerides. When fat oxidation occurs, triglycerides get produced in the cells.

These triglycerides get stored in your adipose (fat) tissues or are utilized for gaining energy. As HIIT causes the oxidation of fats, it ensures your body fat gets broken down properly instead of being stored up in the body.

Only the liver has the ability to dispose of cholesterol in the body. When the liver experiences an accumulation of fat reserves, it stops functioning properly because of the excess pressure exerted by the body’s fat reserves.

HIIT ensures that the body’s fat stores burn away as soon as possible, thus restoring the liver’s abilities to dispose of cholesterol.

Increases Human Growth Hormone Levels

Performing a HIIT for weight loss program regularly can enhance your HGH levels. HGH plays a vital role in the body’s fat-burning mechanisms and enhances its metabolism rate. Thanks to HGH, the body’s metabolic rate experiences significant improvement, causing the metabolism’s efficiency to be enhanced as well.

During a high-intensity workout, the body produces a chemical known as catecholamine, which enables fat to burn as it mobilizes the body’s fat reserves. These fat reserves don’t stop accumulating until preexisting reserves get utilized completely.

Thanks to this chemical, any fat that has been accumulated in the body’s adipose tissues get mobilized to provide energy to the body.

The primary fuel source in the human body happens to be carbohydrates. Therefore, the body needs to produce a chemical that allows these fats to be utilized to generate energy.

How Can HIIT Develop Muscle Mass?

How Can HIIT Develop Muscle Mass?

When performing a HIIT for weight loss routine it can also help build your muscle mass to a significant extent because it builds the body’s endurance and enables increased blood flow to various parts of the body along with better muscle contractility.

This blood transports nutrients and oxygen to every part of the human body. After a high-intensity workout, more oxygen gets transported to the body’s muscles, which causes oxidative respiration in muscles.

Anaerobic conditions lead to lactic acid accumulation in the muscles. That’s the reason why muscles get sore and fatigued after a workout. If the muscles have access to increased oxygen, aerobic conditions take over, which causes oxidation. Due to this, you stand to develop increased muscle mass as time goes by.

Additionally, blood can also transport various nutrients to your muscles, which are vital for muscle development and growth. Proteins are extremely important for this since they promote muscle growth in the body and aid their repair.

Every workout session causes damage to your muscles, which gets treated and healed by your body. Proteins are employed to heal the muscles that were damaged during physically intense workout sessions.

Additionally, they also produce new, improved muscle fibers by utilizing amino acids, which make two muscle proteins known as myosin and actin, which enable muscle relaxation and contraction.

Metabolism And Muscle Mass

HIIT for weight loss routines also increases metabolism rates in your muscles while they are active and sustain them even when you’re in a state of rest.

Due to anabolic reactions, the body’s muscle mass starts increasing as well. Since a high-intensity workout keeps the body’s anabolic reactions at high levels for more than 24 hours after the workout, muscle synthesis levels remain at high levels throughout the day.

As a result, a HIIT for weight loss workout can help you burn fat easily since it increases the body’s metabolic rate and its fat oxidation levels.

Additionally, it also suppresses appetite and raises fat mobility levels by raising catecholamine levels in the body.

Apart from fat burn, a high-intensity workout can also increase your lean muscle mass and help you achieve your dream body.

Fasted Cardio Program

Fasted Cardio For HIIT For Weight Loss

There’s a technique you can use for increasing your calorie burn rate significantly by switching the time at which you train.

Known as “fasted cardio,” this technique requires you to train during the morning right before you eat breakfast. Your body remains in a state of fasting, hence the name – “fasted” cardio.

While you don’t need to starve yourself, your body will treat it that way because you haven’t eaten anything during the whole night.

During the mornings, your blood sugar, energy, and glycogen reserves are extremely low. Your body will have higher cortisol levels due to this, which is also why many people find themselves cranky before they eat breakfast. As a matter of fact, this is what awakens us in the morning!

Cortisol happens to be a wakefulness neurotransmitter and is exactly opposite to melatonin in function. When you train before breakfast in this state of mind, you will burn a lot more fat.

However, this may also cause you to burn precious muscle. You can mitigate this by doing HIIT routines instead of cardio. However, you have to keep this in mind if your goal is to develop lean muscle.

But if what you seek is weight loss, go ahead and give it your best! However, don’t jump into the workout right away after waking since that may injure your spine.


If you are on the prowl for workouts that burn fat faster and leave you with a fit and lean body within the shortest possible time, HIIT for weight loss is what you need, no doubt about it.

The reason behind HIIT’s sudden surge in popularity recently is because it works really well. You won’t ever regret it, we promise you that!