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How To Clean The Kitchen And De-Stress It

How To Clean The Kitchen And De-Stress It

To clean the kitchen isn’t merely a means of preserving aesthetics. There are some serious hygienic, therapeutic, and economic reasons to keep your kitchen clean and bright.  After all, shouldn’t your kitchen be clean enough to eat off?

Besides, to clean the kitchen properly is also a means of pest prevention.  Often, the cleanliness of a kitchen is one of the main factors in unwanted pest problems like ants, fruit flies, roaches, or rodents in the home. Indeed, your first line of defense, the cleanliness of your kitchen, can also be your last.

Ways to improve how to clean the kitchen comes down to simple habits of getting into the recurring pattern of certain practices.

For instance, start wiping down your counters and dining tables after every meal. Keep the lid of the garbage closed at all times. Cover partially eaten leftovers or halves chopped foods like onions and tomatoes; discard food scraps right away, not leaving them to sit in the sink for hours at a time.

Sticking to these habits means fewer sources of food for pests—who love invading your home for food, water, and shelter. In addition to helping qualm your potential pest problems, you’ll also make better the cleanliness of your kitchen in terms of bacteria.

How To Clean The Kitchen And Keep It Beautiful

This will give you cleaner surfaces to cook and prep food on, as well as eliminate potential sources of bacteria in the fridge and the garbage.

Salmonella and E. coli are nasty bacterias that can grow as a result of not properly cleaning your kitchen. Thus, eliminating or containing foodstuff is a great way to prevent your chances of contracting one of these bugs.

With these practices in place, you can start adopting other methods such as keeping your counters free and clear, washing dishes immediately after use, or putting away appliances like blenders and food processors when not in use.  These practices are designed for more organizational effects, keeping your kitchen streamlined and free of clutter.

As stress and anxiety are commonly tied to clutter and a lack of organization, keeping your kitchen as clean as possible can help reduce your stress. 

You can even turn your kitchen into a Zen garden with a small fountain in the corner or with some air fresheners. However, some of the more distinctive air fresheners might permeate into your cooking.

Some natural air fresheners you may want to add to your kitchen is to plant some natural herbs and spices near the window.

Finally, as the last pest prevention, you might want to go through your kitchen and close up or seal any gaps or leaks in the doors and windows.

Sealing these gaps will help close up portals for pests to enter through as well as plug drafts and breezes where precious heat or AC is likely to leak. As a result, it will save you money on your energy bill as well.

Tips To Clean The kitchen

Tips To Clean The Kitchen

1. For an easy way to clean the kitchen microwave, place some wet paper towels in the microwave and turn it on for two minutes. This process causes steam to be created inside, softening any dried food particles. Then take the same paper towel and wipe the oven clean.

2. Tableware, pots, pans, and utensils will be much easier to clean if you let them soak in hot water right after you finished eating. When food particles are dry on their surfaces, it takes so much longer to clean up.

3. A simple trick to remove brown coffee stains from mugs is to use baking soda. Put some in a stained coffee cup, adds a little water. Then take a teaspoon and stir until you get a paste. Scrub the paste around the inside of the cup, and within seconds you will see the stains melt away. Rinse the cup and you are done.

4. Ever notice that stinky smell coming from your kitchen garbage can?  There is something you can do to camouflage it. Take either a cotton ball or a piece of sponge and soak it in some scented oil.

Then take either the soaked cotton ball or sponge and drop it in the garbage can. Put a garbage bag inside, and you are all set. This is an easy way to camouflage the penetrating odor of the garbage.

5. PAM Cooking Spray may be one of the most effective bathroom cleaners out there. It will quickly remove all soapy residue, shine steel surfaces and leave porcelain surfaces sparkling.

6. Ever look on top of the upper kitchen cabinets? Many will find sticky grease residue mixed with dust. It is tough and time-consuming to clean.

To avoid this from happening, merely line the surface with wax paper. The wax paper acts on the principle of static electricity. It pulls in the dust and cooking grease to its surface.

Every couple of months, you change it. It is much easier than cleaning that area by hand, as it is a burdensome task to clean up there.

7. Have you ever tries to clean the inside of the kitchen cabinets with a rag? Dust and food particles are a pain to get out. No Problem! Just use a vacuum cleaner.

Remove the head attachment and use the tube to suck up all the dust, particles, etc. And you do not have to bend down to do it either. This method is so much better and faster.

8. Ever see those streaky black marks caused by shoes or sneakers on your vinyl floor? Well, there is a fantastic trick to remove them quickly. Take a tennis ball and rub it on the mark. You will see it magically disappear.

9. Use salt to remove grease from oily pots and pans. The abrasiveness of the salt will remove all the oil. Just rub the salt until you notice that the grease is gone.

These tips will help you to clean the kitchen and make you feel so much better.

What Makes An Ideal Kitchen

Every kitchen should have proper ventilation, and sunshine should easily be able to penetrate through the windows. The windows should be able to be opened from the top to help fresh air circulate better. Light and fresh air are among the essential factors for the health of the kitchen.

The kitchen should have a proper drainage system. The ventilation system should be in good working condition to help remove odors, gases, and steam created from cooking.

If the ventilation system is not in good working order, the steam, gases, etc. can spread to other areas of the home, causing mold and bacteria to grow there.

The kitchen should have plenty of room for the oven, chairs, refrigerator. If a kitchen well lit, has proper ventilation and is clean, you will enjoy your meals so much better.

If possible, the kitchen floor should be waterproof, like having a tiled floor instead of a wooden one. Cleanliness is of great importance and having all woodwork polished. The polish will stop any grease or other cooking compounds from penetrating the wood, making it so much easier to clean up.

The Furniture In The Kitchen

The furniture for a kitchen should not create clutter. There should be enough cabinets to be able to put everything away. Cabinets used to store food should be well ventilated to help keep mold and germs at bay.

How To Clean The Kitchen

One of the most essential parts of the kitchen is the sink. The sink should be kept clean and in good working condition.

If it is left unattended, it can be the cause of a lot of unnecessary germs penetrating the air and possibly causing sickness.

Clean the kitchen sink really well with vinegar. Place some pure white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray the entire sink. Scrub the area thoroughly with a wet scrub pad.

Let it sit for five minutes, then rinse everything with clean water. Wipe everything dry with a rag.

After the surface is fully dried, pour some Clorox or bleach into the drain. Let is sit in there for 15 minutes or so, then let hot water run down the drain.

This technique will kill the smell as well as the germs that may have infested the air for you to breathe in.


Keeping a clean, clutterless kitchen can have many positive effects on your home and health by reducing stress. It can also eliminate pest problems, and save you money on your energy bills. There is evidence that clutter can cause stress.

You may not even be aware of this phenomenon or why you may feel stressed or anxious at times. Start by practicing to clean the kitchen correctly, and try to maintain everything in order. So you can sit calmly in the morning, have a nice cup of coffee, and enjoy the rest of the day.