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3 Powerful Home Remedies For Acne No One Told You About

3 Powerful Home Remedies For Acne No One Told You About

Acne is a skin disorder caused by a defect of the sebaceous glands (found in the skin and are attached to hair follicles), causing them to produce excess oil (sebum). 

As a result, your skin’s pores get clogged, leading to the formation of pimples and blemishes.

Acne is a troublesome and emotionally draining ailment. Drug treatments do not always work. There are proven home remedies for acne that may be worth investigating. Many times drug therapies have unwanted side effects.

There can be numerous reasons why people may suffer from acne. Here are the most common:

  • increase of bacteria
  • genetic predispositions
  • emotional factors such as stress
  • too much keratinization of the hair follicle
  • hormonal disorders
  • bad diet

Presently, between 50% to 80% of teenagers suffer from some form of acne. And about 25% of adults also have problems with it also.

Common symptoms include:

  • blackheads 
  • pustules
  • nodules
  • lumps
  • purulent cysts

Acne ordinarily affects the face, but it can also develop on the arms, neck, back, and chest.

If acne is left untreated and ignored, it can leave permanent scarring on your face, which can later affect you emotionally and psychologically.

This article will provide you with natural home remedies for acne. It will take a little work on your end, but who wants tiny scars all over their faces?

Here are six home remedies for acne that not many are writing about:

3 Home Remedies For Acne

Wild Pansy

3 Powerful Home Remedies For Acne No One Told You About

Wild pansy, (Viola tricolor L. or heartsease), grows chiefly in fields and wastelands. It has a strong fragrance, so its flowers are frequently used in the production of perfumes. 

It contains bioflavonoids, such as rutin, which has been found to be stronger than ascorbic acid, another potent antioxidant.

It is also rich in vitamin C, so herbal infusions and tablets that include pansy as an ingredient can help strengthen the body’s immunity. 

Pansy’s essential oil content includes salicylic acid, which is a significant factor for its efficiency against acne. Salicylic acid has been scientifically proven to be more effective against acne than benzoyl peroxide.

Health Benefits Of Wild Pansy

Wild pansy usage for skin problems goes as far back as ancient times.

This herb is not just good for acne. It has also been used for the following medical problems:

  • Respiratory tract disorders
  • Diuretic activity 
  • blood-purifying 
  • gastrointestinal disorders 
  • varicose ulcers
  • hemorrhoids 
  • atherosclerosis
  •  in urinary tract disorders

It is full of beneficial components, antioxidants, and essential oils:

  • Flavonoids
  • Polysaccharides
  • Phenolic acids
  • Volatile oils
  • Carotenoids 
  • Anthocyanins
  • Cyclotides (macrocyclic peptides) 
  • Tocopherols 
  • Coumarins with umbelliferone
  • Xanthine derivatives 
  • Vitamin C
  • Nonsaturated fatty acids
  • Capillary fragility
  • Tannins, and much more

The above compounds are a goldmine for the immune system. Wild pansy is a blessing in disguise. Not many people are aware of its medicinal benefits. It is one of the most potent home remedies for acne to use.

It is antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and antifungal.

How To Use Wild Pansy For Acne

Wild pansy can be purchased as a herb on Amazon. You can use it as follows for your acne:

As A Tea

Boil the herb in the same way you would make any other tea. They sell the accessories to make tea naturally on Amazon also.

Drink two to three cups per day. The tea should be consumed for at least one month or as you see the acne clearing.

As A Compression

Soak a clean rag in the brewed tea and place it on the affected area for about ten to fifteen minutes. Do not irritate the acne by pressing too hard.

Be gentle. Do this daily until you see the acne clearing.

As A Steam Facial

Lean your face over the bowl or pot filled with hot tea and cover your head with a towel. 

Try to stay in this position for about ten to fifteen minutes or when you see the stem dissipate.

This should also be done daily and discontinue when you see your acne begin to clear. Be careful not to irritate your skin where the steam is too hot.

Note: You can use these three methods in combination or alone. There are many countries that use this herb for skin problems. If you wish to see how they prepare and use it, please read this report. Do not forget to read 5.6 of the report concerning pansy clinical safety.


3 Powerful Home Remedies For Acne No One Told You About

Brewer’s Yeast

In a study done on 139 people suffering from different acne forms, it was shown that Perenterol (Brewer’s yeast) therapy effectively treated more than 80% of the study group in five months.

It either wholly healed them of acne or significantly improved their condition.

You do not need a prescription to buy Brewer’s yeast. It is an over-the-counter natural product—follow instructions on the label on how to take it.

According to AcnEase, you can use Brewer’s yeast as a mask or drink.

The Mask 

Thoroughly mix the following:

  • one teaspoon of powdered Brewer’s yeast
  • one teaspoon of milk or plain organic yogurt 

Put the mixture on the affected area. Let it sit there for about 15 minutes, then rinse it off with warm water.

The Drink 

Put two tablespoons of Brewer’s yeast in a glass of water or juice. Mix it thoroughly before you drink it.

Baker’s Yeast

You can also use ordinary baker’s yeast for acne in the form of a mask.

According to DIY Cosmetics, you should mix the following to make a successful mask for acne:

  • one tablespoon of fresh yeast
  • three drops of tea tree oil 
  • five drops of lemon juice
  • two teaspoons of vinegar 

You then apply this mixture to your face and let it sit there for 15 minutes. Then rinse off with warm water.

Black Seed Oil (Nigella Sativa) 

3 Powerful Home Remedies For Acne No One Told You About 1

Black seed oil may be the most potent natural medicinal plant in the world. Many studies show that it is effective against many diseases and ailments.

It is anti-aging, and hundreds of scientific studies have been conducted with it.

Fortunately, it can also be used as one of the effective home remedies for acne.

Studies have proven that “using 20% of N. sativa oil extract in lotion formulation has a better efficacy and is less harmful than benzoyl peroxide lotion 5%…

One particular study conducted on 62 people suffering from acne showed that it worked just as good as benzoyl peroxide.

In another study, published on November 4, 2019, researchers used an extract of black seed oil inside a topical gel formulation to determine if Nigella sativa can be effective against acne.

The researchers determined that it can be used as a remedy for acne, and presented the possibility that black seed oil can be used in developing commercial products to fight acne in the future.

Suggested Recipe For A Black Seed Oil Face Mask For Acne 

Mix the following:

  • one teaspoon of oil of black seed oil
  • one teaspoon of rose water and 
  • two teaspoons of brown flour. 

After mixing into a paste, apply it to your face and leave it there for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then rinse it off with soap and water.


If you suffer from acne, the above described natural substances will help you get rid of it. However, you must be consistent and use these natural products daily and not for a day or a week.

Use them until the acne is gone and then continue to use them sporadically after that, so the acne does not return.

Scientific studies support these home remedies for acne, and they do work if used properly. Do not give up.

Always speak with your doctor before using any of these three home remedies for acne to determine if you have any medical issue that will deter you from using them.