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Sports And Activity (Calories Burned) Calculator

Sports And Activity (Calories Burned) Calculator

Have you ever wondered how many calories you burn running or for other activities? This calculator can help answer these questions. 

The key to the calculator is knowing the amount of energy (calories) you burn to know how much food you need to eat to either maintain, lose or gain weight, depending on your goal. 

To get an idea of what kind of exercise will burn this type of energy, you can use the calculator provided to find out how many calories are burned per hour, per mile, and even per minute.

How To Use The Sports And Activity (Calories Burned) Calculator

1. In the first box, choose whether you wish to know how much energy (calories) you burned during an activity or if you want to compare two different activities to determine which burns more calories in a given period.

2. In the second box, select the activity you’re interested in. Then provide the length of time (in hours or minutes) you will be performing the activity/sport. You have 38 commonly known activities/sports to choose from.

3. In the third box, select “Kilocalories (Kcal).” Once you have done this, the box will show “Outcome” of how many calories will be burned for the chosen sport/activity for the specified amount of time. And if you chose to compare two different activities, it will show which burns more calories for a given time.

The Calculator

The Importance Of Calculating Your Activity/Sport Calories Burned

One of the most important components of an individual’s fitness routine is understanding their daily caloric intake. Understanding this number allows an individual to determine how much energy they will need to maintain a particular level of physical activity.

Calculating your caloric intake is crucial as it allows you to establish a daily goal for physical activity. It also helps you to maintain and increase your fitness routine. By understanding the number of calories you need to consume each day, you can set your caloric intake based on the level of physical activity that you want to achieve.

For assistance to help you determine the number of calories you need daily depending on your activity level, please check out my article “The Calorie Calculator: Find Your Perfect Daily Calorie Intake.” The calculator found there will help you figure out the number of calories you need each day.