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The Art Of Positive Thinking

The Art Of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking can only work when you teach your mind and body to stay positive in the face of overwhelming odds. You must equip yourself with an achiever’s attitude. Most people are not aware that their mind has adequate bandwidth for paying close attention to essential things. You must continuously strive to ensure your body and mind are focused on uplifting thoughts that generate neural pathways in your brain, helping you establish new habits.

Whenever you face adverse events or situations in your path to success, remember that all that matters are your responses to such adverse conditions. It’s only your response, which plays the most significant role in influencing its outcome. You have to find it within you to remain positive even when the situation repeatedly stresses you out. To do this, you can also use positive phrases or affirmations that you can repeatedly chant in times of crisis to overcome negative thought patterns. These words can help you achieve an optimistic and positive attitude towards life.


Always Welcome Happiness Into Your Life

Living with a positive mindset and staying happy is something entirely in your control. It is up to you whether to see a situation as a glass half full or half empty. While it’s true that unfortunate circumstances can and will occur to you throughout your life at various stages, that doesn’t mean you won’t ever enjoy good times too.

Nobody has experience without its ups and downs. In your journey, you’ll face valleys, mountains, and hills at many points. However, if you savor every season that comes your way and counts your perks and blessings instead of always complaining about your life, you can lead a happy life.

The people in your life may leave you disappointed at times. However, that doesn’t make them bad individuals or mean that they don’t like you. Whenever you see a person, understand that they are doing their best as well. Most people around us are only trying to do their best. Instead of nitpicking on things that you don’t like about them, appreciate the right words and actions they’ve done for you in the past.

Irrespective of how challenging a situation may be, it is always essential to stay cheerful. Every cloud has a silver lining. Finding it should be your top priority.


Positive Thinking Mindset in Action

It’s easy to stay happy when everything’s going well. However, once you start facing unexpected setbacks, that’s when your faith starts getting tested. Difficulties are how we show ourselves & the world about our resilience and inner strength. Ensure that the image you present to the world is positive and optimistic.

Having an optimistic and positive attitude can be of benefit to you in several ways. Once you start thinking positively, both your subconscious and unconscious mind helps you dispel all negative doubts and thoughts. Once you’ve learned to believe positively, several extraordinary changes are waiting to help you grow and achieve your goals.

Once you have a positive mindset, your brain begins operating in a blissful state enabled by feel-good hormones. This will make it seem like a substantial weight has been taken off your chest. You will start feeling confident enough to take on challenging assignments, which were previously outside of your comfort zone.

When you’re able to limit your self-doubt, you’ll be able to release various brakes that had been holding you back so far. You will start experiencing growth on a whole new level that was never possible, even in your wildest dreams. Once you’ve harnessed the immense power of positive thinking, you’ll be able to change your entire life.

Let’s look at an example that teaches us about the importance of positive thinking:

Picture a child who runs around outside playing soccer with his friends. It is this running around that helps him develop various athletic skills. When he interacts with his friends, he can develop useful communication skills and a sense of team spirit. His interest in exploring his immediate environment allows him to develop his creative skills as well. By only playing soccer with his friends, the child can mature into a well-groomed, holistic individual who possesses valuable skills that are important in their daily life.

The truth is, these skills tend to last longer compared to the emotions that brought them on initially. A few years later, they may even transform into solid athletic skills, which could land them scholarships as college athletes. Their communication skills and team spirit can also help them perform well as senior managing partners in their firms.

This is known as the Broaden And Build theory, written by Frederickson. That’s because if you experience positive emotions as children do, your range of possibilities tends to broaden, which allows you to have an open mind. This can help you develop new, upgraded skillsets, which may prove invaluable at a later stage in your life.


It Is Our Minds That Create Everything We See

Everything around you, be it another person or a chair, was first created and seen by your mind. When your mind is capable of conceiving and believing, it can cause something to pop into existence.

Some people tend to dismiss this as an unreliable positive thinking view that is simply a myth. While we hadn’t been previously capable of proving the power of positive thinking using scientific methods, quantum physics has begun unraveling this mystery.

Quantum physics teaches us that the mind, perception & beliefs about your reality can be used for altering reality in such a way that reality obeys your mindset.

For example, for many years, scientists kept arguing about whether the universe was composed of waves or particles. After arguing back and forth for centuries, they decided to look at it from another angle.

It was then discovered that our Universe was composed of both particles or waves, depending on what scientists believed. If they thought it to be composed of waves, that was what they saw. If they believed it to be composed of particles, that was what they saw as well.

Similarly, many people believe that their reality cannot be changed before it is entirely out of your control. Your truth is this way because you believe it to behave in that manner. Isn’t that funny?

This concept also helps explain why many successful individuals are mindful of the power and abilities of their thoughts and minds. They design their reality by believing in their expectations with all their heart and make their best efforts to cultivate a winner’s mindset.

This can eventually help them achieve phenomenal joy and success. Once you adopt this mindset, you’ll be left wondering why people blame others for their misfortunes and troubles. The trick lies in looking deep within to find the primary source of success and failure.

This brings an important question to mind – If success is dependent only on what mindset you have, what do you intend to do now?

Advantages of Positive Thinking

We often portray optimism as a powerful virtue that can bring fullness and happiness into our lives. That interpretation is entirely correct. They are multiple benefits to be gained by adopting a positive thinking mindset – Confidence, relationships, and good health, among others.

In case you haven’t yet adopted it, here’s a list of reasons that can help you embrace and cherish a positive thinking attitude:


Positive Thinkers Are Better at Dealing With Stress

It’s completely normal to face adverse situations in your life. However, only positive thinkers are capable of coping with stressful situations, unlike pessimists. As per a leading research study, whenever optimists encounter challenging situations, they’re likelier to focus better on finding efficient solutions and solve the problems they’re experiencing.

Don’t dwell on your frustrations and disappointments. It’s better to devise actionable plans or seek guidance from experienced people.

An Optimistic Attitude Can Enhance the Immunity System

Leading research studies have shown that how you think has a significant impact on your body, especially when it comes to your immunity system. A particular study showed that whenever specific areas in our brain, which have been linked to negative emotions, get activated, our body’s immune response to flu vaccines become weakened.

Also, researchers have demonstrated that being optimistic can help improve the body’s immunity system, compared to people with a negative attitude towards adversities.

It’s important to maintain a positive attitude towards life. This plays a crucial role in ensuring that we’re able to cope with daily stress and boost our immunity, which in turn, enhances our general well-being.

The Mayo Clinic has also reported that people with positive mindsets say lower rates of heart disease, depression, and increased lifespan.

It isn’t precisely clear how adopting a positive thinking attitude can enhance your health.

However, it has been proven beyond doubt that staying away from dysfunctional and unhealthy behaviors and effectively coping with stress can help us become well-rounded individuals.


A Positive Thinking Mindset Is Important for Good Health

It’s been proven repeatedly that positive thinking can help increase one’s lifespan and promote better feelings compared to those with a negative attitude. Every negative thought hurts our physical abilities and our bodies.

When we’re stressed and experience depressive feelings, we don’t sleep well enough, causing our muscles to cramp up repeatedly. We wind up becoming anxious about our future and turn dissatisfied and discontent with everything in our life.

However, once we start beating such negative thought patterns, we’ll be able to eliminate its adverse physical impact on our body and restore our health to normal.

It Can Boost Your Resilience

Having a resilience attitude can help you to withstand stressful situations. When you have enough resilience to face traumatic situations, you’ll have the resolve and strength to overcome such trials.

Unlike most people who fall apart when challenged by such conditions, you’ll be capable of picking yourself up from the dust and shake it off with ease.

If you’re an optimistic individual, you’ll be capable of analyzing a problem from an objective viewpoint and discover ways to address the issue at hand effectively.

Instead of simply giving up, you’ll be able to gather your strength and resources and fight to eradicate the problem. You’ll be ready to go where others won’t and ask the people in your life to help you out with your troubles.

Research has presented new evidence that positive thoughts can be useful in providing effective buffer systems against problems like depression during natural disasters or terrifying scenarios.

Resilience and positive thinking are both traits that can be cultivated. When you develop positive emotions and thoughts, you’re in a better place to reap the rewards both in the short- and long-term.

You’ll Have Improved Relationships with Everybody in Your Life

When people adopt a positive thinking mindset, it helps them gain a friendly first impression when meeting people for the first time. People are attracted to positive thinkers because they convey the idea that friendship with them will reap rich dividends. That could explain why people who have positive thoughts lead to active social lifestyles.

The same principle applies to romantic relationships as well. People who maintain a positive thinking attitude tend to be more successful with members of the opposite sex, compared to people who support a negative mindset.

You Become More Concentrated and Focused

Once you understand that the problems you face could have occurred to anybody and that it has been met by countless men and women before, that can instill confidence in you to tackle your problems.

You’ll learn to stay focused on better concentration when faced with difficult situations. Positive thinking can help you take on a variety of issues without any problems at all.

Grants You More Confidence

People who have a positive thinking attitude are confident about themselves and their abilities. When you have such an attitude, you start appreciating your skills for what they are and don’t push yourself beyond your limits. You begin enjoying and loving what you already are, which can boost your confidence levels to a great extent.


Optimistic People Live Longer And Healthier Lives

As per new research, people with a positive thinking mindset lead lives of complete optimism and long lifespans compared to people who do not do so. That’s because they’re able to visualize possibilities that are not visible to others, thus helping them become more productive and efficient in their life.

You must also consider the Law of Attraction carefully. It states that when you think with a positive attitude, you’ll be able to attract positive events and things into your life. It is essential to be grateful and give thanks for every good thing in your life.

Instead of wallowing in self-pity, you must dedicate yourself to finding solutions that work. Once you implement this line of thought in your life, there’s no stopping you anymore.

However, understand that positive thinking does not mean taking shortcuts to reach your destination. There are several times when an optimistic attitude does not result in a positive result.

Having a positive attitude doesn’t mean you ignore reality. You should always attempt to find a way out of a problem. However, there are times where the better option would be to let go.

Bad things cannot be avoided eternally and will eventually hit you on the head at one point or another. Sometimes, you will get hurt and disappointed by people in your life. However, that doesn’t mean that you cannot overcome your obstacles.

Instead, you’ve got to realize that such things happen to everyone. Instead of targeting something repeatedly and coming up with no results, be realistic about your prospects and move on when the situation calls for it. These moments can teach you significant lessons about failure that can be of great help the next time you encounter such adversities.


You now know about positive thinking and the advantages of maintaining a positive attitude. One thing you’ve got to keep in mind is that your positive attitude accounts for only about half of your mind’s abilities.

The remaining half is dependent on the actions you’re prepared to take to carry out your positive thoughts. Here, it’s your willpower that plays a crucial role. It’s only your willpower, which determines whether you transform your thoughts into reality or not. When you have ample willpower within yourself, you’ll be able to achieve anything you set your mind to.

By leveraging your skills, abilities, attitude, and positive thinking mindset, you will eventually turn into an unstoppable force.