Black Seed Oil Defeats COVID-19

Black Seed Oil   Can Kill The Coronavirus

Scientists published a report stating that black seed oil (N. Sativa) can be used as an adjuvant (an ingredient) against COVID-19


Raw honey and Nigella Sativa improve symptoms, viral clearance, and mortality in COVID-19 patients.

Scientific evidence provided here shows that black seed oil and its components can stop the cytokine storm by modulating CD8+ T cells and controlling the production of excessive inflammation.

Black Seed Oil Can Help With Blood Circulation And Blood Clots

Nigella Sativa Can Stop Blood Clots Associated With COVID-19 Deaths

Thymoquinone,  is the main compound in Nigella Sativa.  It appears that it may be able to stop the virus (COVID-19) from invading the cells in your lungs. 

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Particular compounds found in black seed oil have officially been proven in a preliminary scientific study to treat and inhibit (prevent) COVID-19