Maca root's unique content of glucosinolates, macamides, and macaenes, thiohydantoin, and diosgenin puts maca root at the top of the list of superfoods with medicinal applications that may be unmatched. 

Maca Is A Secret To Vitality, Intensity, And Vigor 

– linolenic acid – oleic acid – linoleic acid – arachidonic acid (AKA – vitamin FAND MUCH MORE

Maca Is Full Of Healthy Fatty Acids

Maca Root Is An Excellent Source Of Glucosinolates

Fresh maca root contains 100 times the glucosinolate content than any of the cruciferous plants. They exhibit many health benefits

Macamides and macaenes are two unique compounds found only in maca root. Studies showed that they are potent libido and energy enhancers.

Libido Enhancers?

Contains Natural Medicinal Steroids

 Most of today's steroidal drugs, such as sex hormones and corticosteroids, are produced from natural compounds and predominantly from diosgenin, a compound found in maca.