5 Natural Performance Enhancers You Never Heard Of

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““If you fail to prepare, you’re prepared to fail.”

– Mark Spitz

Prepare The Natural Way

Maral Root

Substances extracted from Maral Root have shown anabolic characteristics.

Octacosanol is an active component found in wheat germ oil. Studies have shown that octacosanol is an anti-fatigue substance that can build stamina and improve exercise abilities. 




Studies done on humans discovered that it increases the level of nitric oxide. What this means is that by using epicatechin, your body will get more oxygen in the blood, better blood flow, better muscle pump, more nutrients, and more.


Studies show that betaine can boost athletic performance for anaerobic and aerobic metabolism. This means it can enhance stamina, endurance, strength, and power.  


Studies show that shilajit helps retain muscle strength even after exercising to fatigue.  And it can increase testosterone levels.